Curtis Houck, Newsbusters Baizuo

While baizuo are very obvious among Democrats, where they compete to signal their progressivism, they are also known to infiltrate the right. They pretend to support conservatives, but will turn around and attack those with principles once they achieve success. You will see them implement the Baizuo Barrier once they occupy gatekeeping positions.

The goal? To control the opposition and shift it so that it appears different from the left, but not competent in the counter-arguments it musters. It ensures that identifying the underlying problem won’t happen. That disagreements will be superficial. This is why baizuo use entryism to disrupt what could oppose them.

Ashley Rae, Communism Kills, has a great profile on one such infiltrator: Curtis Houck, managing editor of Newsbusters.

People who aren’t familiar with the inside baseball of the conservative movement might not know how important Curtis actually is. As the managing editor of Newsbusters, he has a ton of power over what stories ultimately make it on the website, the angle of the stories, and what language has to be included in the stories. There are people above him, but Curtis does most of the daily editing:

More inside baseball: Newsbusters is just one of the outlets that is owned by the Media Research Center, a nonprofit with the slogan “don’t believe the liberal media.” You’ve probably seen their signs before.

At the same time, he loves to dogpile on people and tries to insult them by pretending they are mentally ill and need “help.” He’s done the exact same to me. If he truly thought his political opponents were mentally ill, he’d offer them sympathy, instead of sending internet mobs against them. But of course, like so many people who go on and on about their mental illnesses, he just wants to make people feel bad for saying anything mean about him.

Curtis likes to pretend he’s better than the Bulwark and Lincoln Project crowd, but it’s unclear what actual conservative principles he holds.


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